Mackenzie Davis​ and Josefine at set for Terminator: Dark Fate

I worked with josefine for 9 months in 2018 and I was amazed at her dedication, knowledge, and her passion for her work. She was my trainer, my nutritionist, and my physical therapist all in one, and she performed all three roles with patience and kindness. Our work together required josefine to take me – not an athlete or even particularly active – and turn me into a peak athlete over the course of 3 months to be ready for day 1 of shooting, and then to keep training me every day while shooting. She worked above and beyond to find healthy and careful solutions to every problem we came across and in the process she transformed my body from flabby and scrawny into some sort of machine I still don’t really recognize. She’s so kind I didn’t even realize how drastically she had changed me, and I’m forever thankful for her!

– Mackenzie Davis​ about getting in shape for Terminator: Dark Fate

Kate Burnett, 1 on 1 online client