MY top 6 workout motivation tips



Prioritize fitness, make sure to move every day! It doesn’t need to be an hour at a time, it can be 5-10 minutes here and there throughout the day and it will add up. Guidelines that are out there from u.s. department of health and human services recommends 2.5-5 hours of moderate physical activity per week, which ends up being 20-50 min per day depending on if you aim to reach the high or low number. This can be a mix of what you like to do, lifting weights, walking, hiking, running, biking, yoga, etc. the list can go on and on.


Find something that makes you happy, don’t do things just because other people are doing it or because your partner, mom or trainer say you “should” do it. Do what you like, and do what makes you happy! Working out should be fun, not something that you feel like you have to do. It should give you energy and not take your energy. If you feel like what you do as a workout today is just something you do just because you “have” to do it. Don’t do it! Try something new, go try a boxing class, a dance class, a hot yoga class or go down to the beach and do some bodyweight exercises. Do you, know yourself and find a way of working out that you love and that you look forward to every day! Working out should be fun!

"WORKING OUT SHOULD BE FUN - be creative!"

Who said you have to go to a gym to workout? You absolutely don’t have to, as I said before, find something that you like and something that fits into your lifestyle. Go outside and play with your kids, go down to the beach and do a bodyweight workout, go outside in the forest and use what you can find there as your equipment, and so on. Only you and your creativity will stop you! Working out doesn’t have to be boring, it is what you make it! Be creative and I promise you it will be more fun, and you will work on your creativity at the same time!


For me music is so powerful, when i don’t feel like i’m in the mood to workout i put on one of my favorite songs and it really helps me to get that motivation up. I usually play it really loud in the car and sing along (if it’s a song that i know, haha). During the workout i do the same, I keep playing my favorite songs that get me motivated. Research has also shown that using music as a distraction to bodily awareness (like pain) can actually increase your performance with 15%. so make a Spotify list with all your favorite tunes and it will help you to get into the zone, and to keep a good pace up! Music makes me happy! 


"find someone to hold you accountable"

Thoughts and what you think are really powerful! It is such a powerful tool that you can use throughout the day but also before and during your workouts. Always thing positive thoughts, that you are looking forward to the workout, that you feel strong and rested. Even if you don’t, this will help you to get a better workout than if you think negative thoughts. All results in life will be better if you are positive 🙂 Those workouts when you feel tired, you feel sore, you just wanna go home but you go to the gym anyway and you do your best. Those are the workouts that really counts! Everybody can go to a gym on a good day, but if you go on a bad day i can almost guarantee you that the workout will turn the day into a good day 🙂 It has happened to me so many times! Try it!

Find someone who you can workout with, decide days and times when you will workout or go for a walk, hike or run together. If you have someone there who’s waiting for you, you can’t just skip the workout. If you do you will not only let yourself down, you will also let your workout partner down, and you don’t want to do that!! It’s also more fun and you can motivate each other! I always feel like I perform better during a workout when I workout together with someone!

I hope you find this helpful 💪

Do You – Be You <3 

Lots of love,

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