Body by Jo

I want you to be able to perform in all aspects of life not only in the gym. 

There are so many other places where you need to be able to perform, and they might even be far more important areas than the gym. You need to be able to perform as a parent, sibling, friend, CEO, colleague, you name it. In order to live your best life and perform your best, health is extremely important and that starts within you, it’s a combination of your mind, nutrition and daily activity and movement.

I’m here to help you to perform your best in all aspects of life.

Body By Jo

45 min – 4 Days a Week

This is a 4 days per week program and it includes;

  • 2 upper body sessions 
  • 2 lower body sessions.

The exercises in the program will change one time every month but rep ranges will change weekly and you should always try to push yourself to use a challenging weight.