1 on 1 Online Fitness Coaching

A personalized nutrition and workout plan with weekly check-ins and monthly modifications as needed to reach your goals! I will be with you every step of the way through a personal chat to make sure we stick to the plan. I want you to be 110% satisfied.

Nutrition Plan

Flexible dieting – I will calculate macros for you to eat daily.

Workout Plan

A personalized workout plan with weekly check-ins and modifications as needed. It’s all customized for you, your body, your everyday life and your goals!

My personal training filosofi is a mix of bodybuilding style workouts with some higher intensity pieces a couple of days a week. I use an upper/lower body split for my own training to reach my goal to be healthy and stay strong for the rest of my life! 

What we are going to use for you depends on your fitness background, if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, and will be evaluated during my initial questionnaire if you decide to work with me 1-1.


Start-up Guides & Questionnaire

Review of your personal data

Customized Nutrition Plan

Customized Training Plan

Plan adjustments when needed

Weekly Check-ins 

The longer you will stick with me and the plan, the more results you will see.